Kojie San Facial Beauty Soap 135g

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Kojie San Facial Beauty Soap Kojie San Facial Beauty Soap THE ORIGINAL KOJIC ACID SOAP: Kojie San’s formulation blends effective ingredients with nourishing coconut oil and a fresh orange fragrance will have you feeling your best.
EVEN SKIN TONE: Powerful, natural ingredients reduce the appearance of age spots, hyperpigmentation, melasma, freckles, red marks, scars, and other signs of sun damage.
HIGHEST QUALITY: Combining soothing coconut oil, natural kojic acid, and refreshing tea tree oil, Original Kojie San Soaps help your skin look its best.
GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC: Scan Hiddentag with Hiddentag App to confirm product authenticity. All Authentic Kojie San products feature Hiddentag on box, please check your products carefully.
Kojie San Soap comes in 3 different sizes: 65g, 100g, and 135g. This listing is for 3 bars of the 65g size. Directions
Lather soap and apply to treatment areas. Leave the soap on for up to 30 seconds. Apply once per day and increase to twice a day if well tolerated. If dryness occurs follow with a moisturizing cream

Kojie Soap Developed in Japan
Madin in Philippines
Imported from UK

Expiry Date: 12/25

Kojie San Facial Beauty Soap
Kojie San beauty products use a natural formula including kojic acid with coconut oil, resulting in effective skin-brightening characteristics and reducing the appearance of sun damage, age spots, and other hyperpigmentation. Kojie San lotions, creams, and soaps, help achieve younger, healthier-looking skin in a clean and natural way.

Discover your skin’s true potential with Kojie San.The original kojic acid skin lightening soap, Kojie San’s formulation blends effective whitening ingredients with nourishing coconut oil and a fresh orange fragrance. Continuous use will result in fairer-looking skin, great for daily use with an indulgent and refreshing citrus orange scent, with a rich and luxurious lather and leaves your skin feeling tight, fresh, and clean while looking great!



15 reviews for Kojie San Facial Beauty Soap 135g

  1. Taslima Sarkar

    I started using this last August. I was just out of high school, acne practically eating my face not to mention the amount of dark scars I had on my face from when I was younger and I picked my chicken spots. So as you can imagine, my face wasn’t pretty. I never left the house without makeup on and my face especially in the summer was breaking out beyond words can describe.

    So I bought this soap. In the first week my spots got worse and I am 100% sure I got a shade darker. I told myself to try it for another week and then leave it. See when I tell you my spots started fading and my skin also got lighter, I am not kidding. Now 6 months in and my skin is amazing. It’s actually hard to believe I suffered from terrible acne. I use this three times a week, mostly at night. It personally has lightened my up about 2 shades. And removed my spots. I do think if I left it on for abit longer and used it more I’d be more lighter but my aim is to remove spots

  2. Farhana mahfuz

    I’m a dark skinned black girl and I brought this soap to help with the darker areas of pigmentation on my body – my knees, elbows, and bottom, as I am much darker in those places, than the rest of my body. The soap didn’t do anything to lighten those areas.

    What this soap does do, is helps to keep my face clear and helps fade superficial darker marks and I find that with continued use that the soap tones my overall complexion to the colour of my inner arms.

    I cut each bar into quarters, so that it doesn’t dissolve too quickly in the shower. I find it forms a good lather and cleans my skin very well, it tingles a little bit if I leave the soap on for too long. One thing I’ve noticed, is that because of my hard water, it forms a brownish soapy scum at the bottom of the bath.

  3. Tanzina

    never seen such change in such a short time its only been less than a month and this soap has changed my life.

    My face is smoother and feels fresh and i love how the soap foams so much in the shower. I use to wear all sorts of foundations from channel to sleek and iman but this soap has saved me that stress and for the first time in forever i just get dressed and go. i love it! its so awesome to sleep at male friends houses and you don’t have to carry a bag of foundations for the morning just lip gloss and also their pillows don’t get smudged .

    i love it ! i really do ! thinking whether to buy a lot incase if the stop making it as that usually always happens especially when the product is so good I’ve never understood that . Thanks!

  4. Humayara

    I spent time reading some of the reviews on this product and thought should I or should I not buy it and this because you can’t believe everything that people say.however I was foxed it good very good.I don’t use it all the time just once a week if I remember and when needed. EXCELLENT.

  5. Razia tisha

    My face had become 5 times darker than the rest of my body because of the sun. I didn’t protect my skin and put monoi oil downright on my face for tanning. Unfortunately it gave me spots and darkened my face.

    I’ve been looking for a solution for years.

    And thank god, I found this soap.
    My face resumed its original color after two weeks. My neck is also starting to return to normal. In addition, I have soft and clean skin.

    I had some apprehensions about this soap, and what it’s not gonna whiten my skin? It does not whiten the skin, it only removes your stains and you will look one or two shades lighter as the stains will be gone.

    Otherwise the first two week I used it morning and evening every day for a minute, insisting on my dark corners.
    Now I use it at least once a week so as not to abuse it.
    You have three soap inside so it lasts a long time.

  6. Swarna gupta

    This is my second purchase of this item from this seller. Needless to say it does what it’s meant to do. I’m dark skinned and have always suffered from sun burns for some reason; particularly in the summer months when my face gets about 3 shades darker than my neck and hands. It renders my make up useless as it doesn’t match when I go darker. I decided to try a skin lightening soap rather and watch it as I didn’t want to lighten more than my usual complexion and this has been amazing. I started noticing results within a fortnight.
    I used the soap in conjunction with Cetaphil facial lotion but I’ve stopped using it for now as I’ve reached my target. My face is just a little bit darker than my neck now; which to me is normal.
    For dark skinned people I’d advise that you use it but monitor closely as it could actually turn you much lighter than your normal skin tone.

  7. Munavi

    I have been using Kojie SAN for 4 days and already I have seen an enormous difference. I have been wearing thick and heavy foundations and matt powders for years and would never dare to go bare but now I am off foundation and powder. On the photo I have Olay tinted moisturiser on my skin and that is all, unbelievable. I have suffered from sun spots, an uneven complexion and enlarged pores for as long as I can remember and even in 4 days my skin is a million times better. I have had no dryness or breakouts and I have been using astral cream or pure coconut oil as a moisturiser after using the soap. My skin feels absolutely amazing, smooth and no more oily shine. I honestly cannot recommend this enough.

  8. Ashfia anu

    Great product! At first it stung my skin but it was a mild sting! It enhances my complexion by making it brighter! I use it on my entire body and I love it. Give it a try…. I will definitely iteky keep buying this product. Delivery is fast and the price is good.

  9. Tanhiah

    Clears my acne, black spots and stops my pimples. 2nd time buying. I used to use it on my face alone and it brightened my face but I want the same for my body

  10. ariba ayesha

    Ive had eczema when i was small and now that its finally gone, It’s left some hyper pigmentation on my neck :(. Ive literally tried everything for the past 5 years or so (Im only 23) but nothing seems to work. For the first time, I went for natural products and gave this a go. I have to say THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! IT ACTUALLY DOES WHAT IT CLAIMS TO DO! Its such amazing product! Its restored my faith that I will look normal and real soon! Definitely 5/5 product

  11. Chowa paul

    I have been suffering dark marks left over from spots I keep getting on my face. This soap gave me instant clean up on my face and no lie my face is so much lighter in tone since I have been using this soap since around May, I don’t know how it will react with others skin but has not had any negativity on my skin. Will defo recommend to others

  12. Tanjila rahman

    Trying to even out my skin tone on my neck, so far left me with good results but only if you use it regularly.

  13. Falguni Sinha

    I have been using this product for the last 3months and can see a difference. I use it all over my body twice a day. It is skin drying so a good moisturiser is recommended. I would also recommend another facial cleanser to make sure this soap has not left any residue. Then moisturise as normal. I love it so I reordered!

  14. Jabeda

    I brought this soap to lighten old scars but it’s too early to comment on the results. The soap seems to be genuine based on the colour and the stamps on the packaging.

  15. Fatima

    I have used this soap for few years. It helps exfoliate my skin and helps keep my little spots at bay. I have never found it to lighten my skin but rather just helps with skin renewal so help even out my time very slightly.

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