Eskinol Papaya Smooth White Facial Deep Cleanser 225ml

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Eskinol Papaya Smooth White Facial Deep Cleanser
Product description
…. to make it lighter and more even in a natural way. This cleanser removes excess sebum and fat for a long time.

– Removes deeply rooted dirt, a lot of grease and sebum with the Micro-cleans anti-bacterial formula.
– Helps dull skin renew and become softer.

Eskinol Oil Control Facial Deep Cleanser removes leftover dirt, excess grease and make-up residue, with Micro-cleanse anti-bacterial formula.

How to use it:
Apply the cleanser generously to a cotton pad. Cleanse the face and neck. Repeat until no more dirt gets on the cotton pad. Use wherever and whenever you want, for truly clean skin!

Made In Philippines

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Eskinol Papaya Smooth White Facial Deep Cleanser
Washing your face with soap is not enough. After washing your face twice apply this Eskinol Deep Cleanser with cotton and you will still see some dirt on your skin. This Eskinol Deep Cleanser helps deep cleanse your face and get rid of all that stubborn dirt or make – up and gives you a smooth face. – Removes deep seated dirt excess oil and make up with Micro-Cleanse Anti-bacterial Formula- Whitens your skin with continued use- Controls oil for hours removes excess oil based on clinical testDirections for use:Moisten a cotton pad with Eskinol Deep Facial Cleaner and apply on face & neck. Repeat until no trace of dirt is seen on the cotton. Use it anytime anywhere for crystal clear skin!




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