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  • Assorted Makeup Soft Sponge 6pcs

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    • [4pcs Makeup Sponge〗:There are 3 different shapes of beauty sponge set,including 1pcs teardrop shape+1pcs oblique teardrop shape+2pcs oblique olive shape, which will meet your needs.
    • 〖Be applicable〗:BB cream,Foundation, powder, concealer, liquid, Base cream,Loose powder etc.
    • 〖Precision and Purpose〗:Makeup sponge has a pointed tip, flat edge and rounded sides, this versatile sponge offers complete control on even the hardest to reach areas of the face. The multiuse sponge leaves the complexion smooth and with a streak free finish and non-floating powder.
    • 〖Show Your Beautiful〗:The bottom is larger than other sponges, so it covers a lot of area quickly, and the pointer tip is great for nooks and crannies and detail work.Seamlessly applying and blending makeup, ultra beauty makeup blenders is an essential tool for creating a smooth, airbrushed finish.
    • 〖Material〗:Latex-free material,Q bomb soft cute Skin-friendly Characteristic:Wet and dry use,The Makeup sponge turns bigger in water, feels elastic and Reduce the gap after absorbing water to swell to prevent inhalation of cosmetics.
    • MAKEUP SPONGE CASE: made of high-quality hydrophilic non-latex, strong and durable, built-in detachable compartment, can organize makeup sponge eggs, convenient snap switch, transparent material for easy access, hanging attachment points, easy to carry and Store
    • MAKEUP SPONGE EGGS: 4 colors and 3 cross-sections to meet different preferences and makeup needs. This Blender Beauty Foundation has good elasticity, does not deform, prevents squeezing, has good water absorption, and becomes larger after absorbing water. It does not drop powder and can be used repeatedly. , The surface is soft, does not harm the skin
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