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  • Sale! Laikuo Japan Sakura Skincare Set

    Laikuo Japan Sakura Skincare Set

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    Laikuo Japan Sakura Skincare Set

    LAIKOU Japan Sakura Cleanser 50g

    LAIKOU Japan Sakura Toner 100ml

    LAIKOU Japan Sakura Serum 17ml

    LAIKOU Japan Sakura Essence Cream 25g

    LAIKOU Japan Sakura Eye Cream 15g


    Face Wash: Clean pores deeply to remove dirt, oil and make-up easily.

    Sakura skin care: Reduce and prevent spots, fine lines and brighten skin

    Main ingredients: Rich in Prunus Lannesiana Flower Extract and Niacinamide , which can repair the damaged skin, reduce the spot

    Anti-aging: It can quickly inhibit the active constituents of tyramine enzymes and melanocytes.

    Made In PRC

    Expiry Date: 01/28

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