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  • FarmStay Hyaluronic Acid Super Aqua Cream

    FarmStay Hyaluronic Acid Super Aqua Cream 100ml

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    FarmStay Hyaluronic Acid Super Aqua Cream

    Product Details
    • Hyaluronic Acid is a natural substance found in our body,it decreases with age,this leads to a lack of moisture and the development of wrinkles. Farm Stay’s highly effective hydrating cream contains rich hyaluronic acid moisturizing ingredients. Hyaluronic Acid nourishes the skin and collagen increases skin elasticity,promote moisture absorption,soothes skin,gives skin elasticity,making it appear healthier and younger. Allantoin can also promote skin cell repair,helps reduce inflammation and inhibit skin inflammation. Beeswax is rich in vitamin A,form a protective film on the skin,retain moisture and moisturize skin,prevent dry skin,not harmed by the environment.
    How to Use
    • At the last step of skincare routine,apply a proper amount onto the face and gently tap

    Made In Korea

    Expiry date: 01/27

  • FarmStay Pomegranate All In One Ampoule

    FarmStay Pomegranate All In One Ampoule 250ml

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    FarmStay Pomegranate All In One Ampoule

    Key features

    • Effects: Anti-Wrinkle, Whitening Functional Cosmetics.
    • This product is helpful for modem people`s skin health with it`s naturalism.
    • This light and soft ampoule is focused on elasticity and anti-wrinkle effect, by stimulating the deep skin with the synergy effect of adonosine, and helps skin revive into transparent and lively.
    • It protects your skin comfortably.
    • It is a natural skin care product that creates a skin moisturizing film to give bright and transparent skin and to make it lively.
    • A natural pearl extract makes skin clear and glossy.

    How to use

    • Apply the serum to cleansed skin with light massaging movements.

    Made In Korea

    Expiry Date: 08/26

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